OpenVidu Enterprise High Availability Questions

We are starting to use OV Enterprise High Availability and have run into a few issues I would like to share and perhaps confirm what we are doing.

a. To change the various parameters, when there is one master node, I’ve noticed that you can use an HTTP POST and */openvidu/api/restart to change parameters. However, when there is more than one Master Node, I get a 401 Error trying to post to the OV Enterprise public url. I was able to get it to restart by editing the.env file in the AWS bucket. But it took about 10-15 minutes for the full restart to happen. Is all this correct? More than one master node means you need to edit the .env file directly.

b. Trying to call in Java OpenVidu.fetch() results in a OpenViduHttpException with code 401. I assume that we should not call this method when in HA mode since it could result in a response in the 1000’s if you have a lot of sessions. Same for OpenVidu.listRecordings(). Is that correct?

c. If the AWS autoscale group triggers creation of a new Master Node or Media Node, do they automatically get assimilated into the cluster? So, can I manually trigger a new Master or Media node and have it add to the cluster when it is initialized?

Thank you in advance for your responses. I enjoy working with your product!