Enable recording support on OpenVidu Enterprise High Availability

We have OpenVidu Enterprise 2.20.1 deployed with high availability (following the very helpful video setup provided in your documentation). There are 2 master nodes and 2 media nodes (mediasoup).

I would like to enable recording support, individual recording, and store them in S3.
We have this setup today using the same version of OpenVidu but without HA (just a pro deployment with the .env changed to support enterprise and mediasoup).

I assumed that to make the same change for HA I would modify the .env stored in S3. I did so, went into the inspector, and restarted the master node.
This kicked off a process where the master nodes were terminated and recreated, but they continued in this loop until I manually stopped them. It appears they never entered into the healthy state in the load balancer group. I cleaned up everything related to the deployment of these resources and started over.
I now have a working setup with recording enabled.

My question is, what is the right way to add recording support with S3 storage?
I can see in the inspector that I can enable support but there is no entry for an AWS secret or key.
It took me hours to get back to where I am now with a working setup, I would appreciate some guidance on this task.

Matthew VanDerlofske

Hello @mvander115 , check the Beta limitations

We will release 2.21.0 this next week with recording support to s3 with High Availability.


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