Using s3 storage in an on prem deployment


I’ve recently deployed an openvidu cluster using the autoscaling webhook on top of and since Scaleway has support for the s3 protocol how can I configure the media nodes to use s3 to write their recordings?



Please read the first lines of S3 recording documentation: OpenVidu Docs

You can enable it in any OPenVidu Pro deployment, doesn’t matter if it is an AWS deployment or an On Premises deployment.

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Thanks, And where do I put the s3 url? I don’t see that as part of the configuration params:

S3 protocol? You’re not using AWS? I’m not sure this would work with other S3 providers. Is this your case?

If you’re using AWS, you just need to put the S3 bucket name, not the URL


Well S3 is more of a spec, and multiple cloud providers have implemented that spec. (Including Scaleway).

So instead of defining the bucket I would expect something like this:


Try this:


OPENVIDU_PRO_AWS_REGION=nl-ams    <--- I suppose this is the region
OPENVIDU_PRO_AWS_S3_BUCKET=<BUCKET_NAME>     <--- Only the name, without protocols

Edit: I think this would not work because we did not consider the use case of other endpoint urls, this is actually a possible feature. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Maybe is there a way to set this variable with an environment variable, but it seems like it is not possible: Feature: Configure Services' Endpoint URLs via Environment Variables · Issue #1239 · aws/aws-sdk-php · GitHub

No problem!

Yes I didn’t think you guys have this feature. Would be great to have this in a next release as part of a config property, would this be possible?

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Thank you for the sugestion, we will evaluate the feasibility of the feature.

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@bart, this is available in OpenVidu PRO/Enterprise since version 2.21.0 by using:


For more info check the properties here