Autoscaling of master node?

Hi there, I’m currently using the beta of OpenVidu Enterprise. I setup autoscaling as outlined in the tutorials however our software ran into an issue today where the master node hit 100% CPU usage and then our software couldn’t handle live streaming for users anymore. The media node didn’t seem like the bottleneck in this case.

Looking at the documentation further, it seems like if the only way to autoscale the master node would be to use the “high availability” feature of OpenVidu Enterprise. Unfortunately it looks like recordings aren’t yet enabled when using the high availability feature so I can’t do that just yet as our app requires recordings.

So I think that leaves me with just using a larger instance type for the “master” node. Am I correct in this assumption?


Hello @phil917,

Recordings feature is available in “high availability deployment” for automatic recording.

It is still not available if you want to start and/or stop recording during the session.

Best regards

Hi @micael.gallego, thanks for clarifying. Unfortunately I do require the manual starting and stopping of recordings so I’ll have to wait on setting that up.

Also, I was doing a mock process of setting up the high availability version yesterday and I wondering if OpenVidu has any tutorials on configuring the Load Balancer on AWS to work optimally with OpenVidu Enterprise?