Pro question about pricing

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I’m trying to understand the pro pricing structure, as far as I understand it it’s based on cores in a cluster per minute and nodes can be shut down etc

My question js this : if I have one main server and say 2 nodes, will open vidu shut down and start the nodes as and when it needs them? Let’s say the main server and node 1 are being heavily used by the website users will open vidu then expand to node 2 by itself and comeback from it when it doesn’t need it anymore?

I ask because it could get very expensive paying for multiple nodes that are not being used all the time and manually turning them on and off would be a pain

In OpenVidu Pro autoscaling will be activated only if this parameter in /opt/openvidu/.env is present:


By default, OpenVidu Pro / Enterprise (regular deployment) deployments have this variable as OPENVIDU_PRO_CLUSTER_AUTOSCALING=false so no media nodes will be created automatically.

In OpenVidu Enterprise with High Availability, the autoscaling is managed by Autoscaling Groups, so you only need to modify the autoscaling groups to have the same value in Min Nodes, Max nodes and Desired Nodes parameters to have autoscaling disabled

Summarizing @cruizba’s answer, OpenVidu Pro will only launch and drop Media Nodes if Autoscaling is enabled: Scalability - OpenVidu Docs

Thanks that’s what i needed to know.


Another question that’s cropped up after reading the links you sent: is it possible for scaling to happen over multiple physical / virtual servers? Otherwise it won’t be able to handle high loads of traffic?

Currently a session can not be deployed in several media nodes at the same time.

Yes, this limit the scalability of the solution.

We are working to allow one session can be distributed in several media nodes to increase the scalability measured as the number of participants in the same session.

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I don’t mean a single session, sorry if I wasn’t clear. What I mean is, would it set up new sessions on other servers when needed? I think that’s what you call media nodes right?

OpenVidu PRO allows you to use several media nodes to manage the sessions.

OpenVidu ENTERPRISE with high availability deployment allows you to use several master nodes also to manage sessions.