Bug: Huge auto-scaling up of Media nodes despite no usage?

We cancelled our OpenVidu Pro lifence on 3rd Jan.

Our service was left running for fallback reasons but it was not in use in our product at all.

However, on 1st and 3rd Feb we experienced a huge buildup of ~240 OpenVidu Pro Media Nodes in the space of several hours. There were not relevant code commits around this time and no infrastructure changes around this time. CPU utilization has been <1% on these nodes and they were never terminated (we had to stop them manually).

Can anyone shed light on what might have caused this? Is there a bug in OpenVidu Pro copying with an invalid license state?


This is an odd situation caused by having an AWS EC2 instance forcibly running with an invalid license and autoscaling enabled. I have already answered you via email, let’s continue the conversarion there.

Best regards.