Media Soup Questions

Guys - congrats on releasing 2.21!!

I’ve been waiting, as we have a need to support 6000 simultaneous session.

Each session will have one publisher and one subscriber - so 2 streams = 12,000 streams. There will be some cases where there will be 2 publishers - or 3 streams Let’s say the total need is 13,000 streams. Also, one of the publiser streams needs to be recorded (Individual Recording). Each session will last for about 3 hours.

We use AWS. Can OpenVidu Enterprise support this? I realize that now you can have BOTH Master and Media Nodes in an Autoscaling group, which is great. But can it handle this many simultaneous streams and sessions?

Using OpenVidu Enterprise HA, cluster capacity to handle those sessions only depends theoretically in the numer of Master Nodes and Media Nodes you have in the cluster. And of course in the capacity of the networking resources of your AWS deployment environment (such as bandwidth). As long as the network of the environment is able to handle the data flow and your nodes sustain a reasonable CPU load, you should be able to keep adding simultaneous sessions.

You’re use case of 1:1 sessions is in fact the most efficient one in terms of scalability (we’re working on session scalability for next releases, with the idea of allowing bigger and bigger sessions).