Angular OpenVidu Call | Audio Only

Hello, I currently using openvidu-call to create a calling web-application using angular.

I am looking to implement a feature to join a call with audio ONLY, so far the application is configured in such a way that this is not possible, and expects video media.

Is there any documentation that I can follow for this, any help would me much appreciated.


OpenVidu Call allows users to not use camera when joining the session.

In fact, if the user doesn’t have a camera, he is still able to connect to the session.

What is exactly the issue you have?

I have cloned the angular openvidu-call code just over a month from now, below is an ss of my logs when blocking the camera on my localhost tab, to put in short the app crashes and the user is not able to join the call, unless enabling both audio and video.

I am seeking your help micael to overcome this issue, and have the ability to join users with audio only.

Well, permission denied is not the same than not having camera.

Right now OpenVidu Call doesn’t work if the user denies camera access. It is a bug.

I’ve filed the issue here. You can track it there.


Sorry to bother you, but it’s unclear to me how you guys fixed it. I’m facing the problem right now but I’m unsure on how to act. Thanks in advance @micael.gallego