Join as subscriber without camera or Microphone

When I use angular component and want to join as subscriber without a camera & microphone, I am not able to join. Is there a way handle this in the component.

first of all, inside the session.connect promise, you will receive a token which will decide if you are a publisher or a subscriber.

If the user is a publisher, you can use, the OV.initPublisher function. if the user is a subscriber, simply dont do anything inside this function, so you will not have a local stream in the room.

I hope it clarifies.

I am also interested in this, the application I am developing needs to have the flexibility of not having any devices but still can join in for text messages… How can this be achieved? The angular front-end does not give any indication that it is not allowed. It just goes to a blank view.

Hi, I undestand you’re talking about OpenVidu Call right? It it is, we wiil check it out and fix the issue if the application doesn’t allow connect without media devices.

If you are talking about other OpenVidu application, please specifies which one .