Angular library subscriber

I am using openvidu-library-angular - OpenVidu Docs library to implement videoconference in my project.
I would like to have for example 1 publisher and couple of subscribers. Subscriber SHOULD NOT have camera and microphone. I’m trying to achieve it by adding flag role to connection but without success.

Where is the problem? And how to achieve that? It seems like this library creates only Publishers and somehow i can’t change it. Everytime it shows modal with available media’s.

After setting role=“SUBSCRIBER” and ovSettings: autopublish=“true”, i see an error: ERROR: Webcam publisher cannot be published. But only a user see his own camera. I would like to not set the camera as a subscriber.

Hi @sebmat ,

You are indeed right, the angular library is not allowing the session typolog that you want at the moment. You should take into acoount that the angular library is encapsulating the current OpenVidu Call and as OpenVidu Call doesn’t allow this scenario (1:N), the library neither.

We’re working on a more powefull angular library at the moment so we’ll note your request for enhance the features.
Thank you.