Openvidu-roles-node tutorial make changes

I’m new and I don’t understand a lot. I have the task of creating proctoring and the openvidu-roles-node example is well suited for this task. The process is as follows: a session (exam) is created, students (publishers) join the session and publish videos of their camera. The teacher (subscriber) also connects to the session and, accordingly, can view any of the participants. The problem is that at the moment publishers (students) can also subscribe to each other, but it is required that they cannot see anyone except themselves. How can this behavior be achieved? Do I need to make changes to openvidu-browser and what changes exactly, or can I somehow achieve the behavior I want in the application? Help me please.

You need to tweak the code.

In the student’s side (publishers), just don’t subscribe to anyone. Only publish.

In the subscriber side (teacher), instead of subscribing to all, just get all the connections info of the students and subscribe selectively.

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