What is the latest way to deploy an openvidu application on Azure?

I have seen some answers but they are old before Openvidue provided the docker-compose deployment. Before that the recommended was a separate linux based VM. But now they docker files can be used for deployment. Another question is do we need to configure a standalone Redis instance for production deployment?


The instructions to deploy the different OpenVidu editions on premises (that includes Azure Virtual Machines) are listed here: Intro - OpenVidu Docs

Deploying standalone services outside from OpenVidu only applies to OpenVidu Enterprise High Availability. In these instructions we show how to deploy all standalone services in a single node (Base Services node), which would provide scaling and fault tolerance capabilities to the media nodes (OpenVidu nodes), but not to the standalone services. To achieve scaling and fault tolerance capabilities in all the components of the cluster, all standalone services should also be deployed by themselves with high availability capabilities. That is responsability of the administrator, who should follow the official instructions of each service.
All of this is carefully explained in the documentation.

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