Deploying openvidu-js-node on premises

Hello everyone,

I have made a small custom demo based on the “openvidu-js-node” tutorial, however, unlike others like “openvidu-insecure-js”, there are no instructions on how to build the docker image for deployment on premises. I don’t have much experience in web development, so if you could give me guidelines I would appreciate it.


Hello @Stefano_Esposito , you can do two things.

Case 1: Deploy your app in the same machine as OpenVidu: In OpenVidu CE/PRO, you can deploy your app next to OpenVidu. You just need to run your application at port 5442 via http and the nginx proxy in the default deployment will redirect all the request to / to your app. In other words, if your app is reachable at http://localhost:5442, your app should work in any OpenVidu CE/PRO deployment

NOTE: If you have conflicts with API routes, I suggest you to use this enviornment variable at /opt/openvidu/.env:


Case 2: Deploy your app in a different machine than OpenVidu:
If you want to deploy in other machine or you are using OpenVidu Enterprise, you need to deploy your application in a different machine with a certificate and a domain name for your app. On the other hand, your app should point to the OpenVidu deployment.