Deploy openvidu docker on Azure


I could develop openvidu in may ubuntu local machine without any problem. However, when I tried to deploy openvidu docker on Azure, I started to have blank video screen. Similiar to this problem:

I already tried to disable firewall but I still have this problem. Did someone have this problem? Any clue how to fix this?

OpenVidu deployment information:

Hi Pablo,

what is the reason for not being recommended to use docker images in production?


Because we haven’t tested it properly… until now!!

We plan to switch to a docker-based deployment in the next release (to be published in the following days).

Ok! we will be waiting for next release!

thanks for all community effort.

You can take a look to the beta version:

Please give it a try and provide us feedback in case you have any issue.

It looks promising. This way will make much more easier our deployments.

One thing, we are setting default memory values to openvidu-server.jar when launched, something like that java -Xms2048m -Xmx4096m -jar openvidu-server.jar

We think these two settings are required in order to ensure stabiity.


Good idea… we will think in a way to set these values in .env file so you can tweak without hacking docker images and docker-compose file

Do Openvidu docker still not work on production enviroment?

It is working in production.

Hola Micael, necesito soporte para implementar video conferencias multiples y tambien de 1-1 en un poroyecto comercial de bienes raices del que soy programador, conozco muy poco de esta tennologia y me gustaria saber si puedo usar tus servicios con la plataforma openvidu, donde puedo contactarte eemail o skype? te agradeceria tu respuesta

To commercial support:

By the way, write the post in english in favour of the community

Hi everyone, is this issue fixed on Azure? this link is not working anymore.

You can now deploy OpenVidu in any OS with Docker support:

Of course that includes Azure or any other cloud provider.

To install in Azure, should I have a Linux VM? Can it be installed in another Azure service?

You should use Linux VMs