Unable to test openvidu through dashboard

I’m getting this error when i try to test it

polyfills.(random alphanumeric text).js:1 POST https://OPENVIDUAPP:testing@<domain.com>:<port>/api/sessions net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

I have changed domain and port for privacy purposes in this question

It seems you have some problem with your domain.

Are you able to access to https://<domain.com>:/api/sessions from the browser?

Have you accepted the certificate (if you are using a selfcert one)?

Also want to add that when i connected openvidu-js-java to this openvidu at the time of joining my token went well but then i got
webSocketWithReconnection.js:101 WebSocket connection to ‘wss://<domain,com>:4443/openvidu’ failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

Also as you asked when i hit https://<domain,com>:/api/sessions from browser i get

there are currently no ssl provided. i.e. i have not configured ssl properties

If you don’t have SSL provided how are you able to connect to:


You need a certificate to use OpenVidu.

this is the command i use to start openvidu on dcoker
docker run --name openvidu -d --net=“host” -e openvidu.secret=password -e openvidu.publicurl=https://domain.com:4443/ -e server.port=4443 openvidu/openvidu-server:2.12.0

it is accessible and just shows not secure warning

If you are asking how i am connecting from openvidu-js-java the the ssl properties are
server.ssl.key-store: classpath:openvidu-selfsigned.jks
server.ssl.key-store-password: openvidu
server.ssl.key-store-type: JKS
server.ssl.key-alias: openvidu-selfsigned

But at first i should be able to at least see my video on dashboard right?

This is not supported way to deploy OpenVidu.

Please follow the instructions and deploy OpenVidu as is specified here: https://docs.openvidu.io/en/2.14.0/deployment/

I already have an existing turn server. And the setup which i’m using 2.12 I have installed kms according to the deployment steps in 2.12 with my coturn server. The only difference from the deployment is that I’m using my coturn server and docker img of openvidu instead of jar.

OpenVidu have evolved and some internal changes can affect the way you are trying to deploy now.

The supported ways to deploy OpenVidu are described in the page I sent to you.

The problem is this configuration works in my local but when i deploy it on remote machine the error i stated appears.