Openvidu JS demo not working for me

Hi I am trying to test openvidujs but I get errors when trying to join. I am using the documentation from openvidu-js - OpenVidu Docs, do I have to install or configure anything additional to what is shown in the tutorial?

thanks for the help


What application server sample are you using? (Java, Node…)

I am afraid you are not connecting to the tutorial as expected. The steps described in all tutorials are only valid when connecting to the application (openvidu-js in your case) through http://localhost.
The Media API of the browser (for accessing the camera and microphone) only works in plain HTTP when served in localhost or Try connecting to your app through localhost instead of whatever IP you are setting in the browser’s navigation bar.

For serving your app in other hostname different of localhost, you will need HTTPS.
That’s why every tutorial has a link to this FAQ: Test applications in my network with multiple devices. There it is explained how to serve OpenVidu Server and the tutorial with HTTPS using a simple proxy.

Best regards.

hello, thank you for replying. Using localhost already makes the connection, it seems that’s all it was.

On the other hand, now I am trying to verify with hostname other than localhost and I have already done the indications shown in: 1. Run the OpenVidu deployment with your local IP and other configurations :link:
But I have problems opening the url by https, What could be wrong?

thanks for your help, best regards

Hello, the openvidu-js client page has loaded. But I get some errors, I share image and lines of what is shown in the log.

I hope you can help me a little, thanks.

Logs openvidu deployment

2023-10-27 15:56:23,434 DEBG ‘openvidu-server’ stdout output:
[INFO] 2023-10-27 15:56:23,434 [http-nio-] - REST API: POST /openvidu/api/sessions {customSessionId=SessionA, mediaMode=ROUTED, recordingMode=MANUAL, defaultRecordingProperties={name=, hasAudio=true, hasVideo=true, outputMode=COMPOSED, recordingLayout=BEST_FIT, resolution=1280x720, frameRate=25, shmSize=536870912}}

2023-10-27 15:56:23,438 DEBG ‘openvidu-server’ stdout output:
[WARN] 2023-10-27 15:56:23,435 [http-nio-] - Session SessionA is already created

2023-10-27 15:56:23,566 DEBG ‘openvidu-server’ stdout output:
[INFO] 2023-10-27 15:56:23,566 [http-nio-] - REST API: GET /openvidu/api/sessions/SessionA

2023-10-27 15:56:23,750 DEBG ‘openvidu-server’ stdout output:
[INFO] 2023-10-27 15:56:23,750 [http-nio-] - REST API: POST /openvidu/api/sessions/SessionA/connection {type=null, data=null, role=null, kurentoOptions=null, rtspUri=null, networkCache=null}

2023-10-27 15:56:23,753 DEBG ‘openvidu-server’ stdout output:
[INFO] 2023-10-27 15:56:23,753 [http-nio-] - Generated token wss://

2023-10-27 15:56:43,283 DEBG ‘kms’ stdout output:
0:39:00.850386192 8 0x7fb388001d90 DEBUG KurentoWebSocketTransport WebSocketTransport.cpp:365:keepAliveSessions: Keep-Alive for session ‘c8a50e9f-817b-4b20-9ee4-4cfc2b19c75e’

file with log info

file log