Unable to see the other participant in the same session

I tried this guide here OpenVidu Docs
I use Coturn and Nginx to route traffic to Server Pro and Media Node (please see the attachment)
I tested all the port are open using command nc -zvu
I also restarted openvidu (./openvidu restart) and media_node (./media_node restart)
I executed “docker ps --all” and all the services are running.
What could be the issue?

you can see the issue here openvidu-cannot-see-other-participant — ImgBB

Official docs does not have Coturn outside of the infrastructure, Coturn and nginx are in the Master Node.
Two possible things that are happening in this scenario:

  1. Kurento Media Server does not have access to Coturn to autodiscover its public IP and it is sending candidates with private IPs
  2. Browsers are accessing to a wrongly configured Coturn, so they also can’t discover its public IP. How are you configuring the Coturn Server in the browser side.

In this scenario, what I would do is:

  1. If “SI Video Master” and “SI Video Node” are in the same network, put in /opt/openvidu/.env file a variable named COTURN_IP with the private IP of the “SI Video Nginx Coturn VM”. Port 3478 TCP/UDP should be accessible to the “SI Video Node”, so it can autodiscover its public IP.
  2. Configure in Coturn some fixed credentials and configure in OpenVidu Call the deployed Coturn with its domain name and its credentials: GitHub - OpenVidu/openvidu-external-coturn

The instructions on the guide don’t deploy Nginx and Coturn in a different machine, why are you doing that?. It would be easier to you if you just deploy nginx and Coturn next to OpenVidu Pro in the same machine as the documentation says.


Thanks a lot for your suggestion and assistance Cruizba. I will try it out and let you know soon!