Securing OpenVidu server from DDOS & CSRH

I want to deploy a OpenVidu Server in VM on a GCP Platform.

Is there any documentation around securing the OpenVidu server from some of the common web socket attacks like Denial of Service, SQL Injection, CSWH, CSWF, CSS.

How does the OpenVidu solution provides these security features?

Thanks in advance


I’am facing the same probleme here did you find any documentation

Got quite a few emails from the EC2-abuse team sharing the log that the openvidu server instance is involved in DDOS activity. I have installed openvidu-pro version 2.19 on AWS.
Please guide.

Is your OpenVidu Pro cluster deployed using the official CloudFormation template? (Following this instructions: AWS - OpenVidu Docs)

Please, can you email me here?:

Mostly because we’ve received an email today with the same problem, and I don’t know if both of you are the same person.