Record separately every user interaction in a session


I am looking to see if it is possible to record each user interaction (every time a user talks) in a separate session from the rest of the user interactions in the same session, in real time, and to be able to access each of the recordings from the client in real time also.

I think that it is not possible (if it were possible, that someone please tell me where to look for that information), now well, could this functionality be implemented? Could someone guive me some orientation on how to approach this implementation?

Thank you very much in advance


Hello @jeromolinam,

Yes, it can be implemented. First of all, you have to detect in the browser when a user is speaking (OpenVidu Docs).

Then, when the user is speaking you can start the recording specifically for that user (OpenVidu Docs).

The limitation with this approach is that you can not access to the recordings until the session is finished because the recording is made available in a .zip file when the session is finished.


Thanbk you very much Micael,

I need to notify the webhook with the recorded partial video when recorded … do you know if it is possible or if I can achieve that modifiying (may be) the open Vidu core ?

thanks in advance


Currently the recordings are not available until recording finishes or session finishes.

A CDR event with the recording summary is generated when recording is available:

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