Reconnection Error

I am trying to use OpenVidu in my local and I have used OpenVidu docker image 2.25.0
and I am getting a “Oops Trying to reconnect to the session…” error in frontend and browser console tab in developer tools prints Reconnection error.

I have checked OpenVidu Server log and there is no error message

Let me know if there is a fix for this.

Have you visited http://localhost:4443/ and have you accepted the certificate?

Yes , I have accepted the certificate.

is this issue got resolved? We are facing same issue.

To solve this kind of problems we need more information.

  1. What edition of OpenVidu are you using? CE, PRO or ENTERPRISE?
  2. Is it happening in a dev environment or in a prod environment?
  3. If it is a prod deployment, what kind of deployment do you have?


We are using Openvidu CE.
Issue is coming in Dev as well as Prod Environemnet.
Actually Openvidu is in Intranet with the IP - The system where openvidu is installed does not have internet.
Customer is outside intranet and when we try to start call, wss connection gets failed.
As per my understanding this issue is coming due to unreachability of this IP “”.
We are using Apache as web server and redirectly calls to openvidu from this web server. Redirection is working file for http calls but not working for wss call.

Please help to resolve this.