Connection Problem--Oops trying to


Could you please help me regards to this error messaget that’s popping on the openvidu interface?

Could you please share your browser logs?

I think your OpenVidu Server is not running.

What OpenVidu Edition do you have deployed? CE/PRO/ENTERPRISE ?
How did you deploy?


Server is UP and running.

We are using Openvidu CE version. We have deployed using docker-compose.

Hi Cruizba, Could you please suggest some resolution to this?

  1. What is the message of the error that appears inside of this section of the log?:
  2. What services are you running? Please send the output of:
sudo su
docker ps
  1. Check the logs of OpenVidu Server and OpenVidu Call when you have this error:

    OpenVidu Server:

    docker logs openvidu-server

    OpenVidu Call Server Logs

    docker logs openvidu_app_1

Thanks @cruizba for your time. But this was a proxy configuration issue for wss requests.

I tweaked some configurations and it worked.