Problems with low or medium quality connections


I have been using OpenVidu since version 2.26 (I currently have version 2.28 installed) OnPremisse, where my clients use it in the browser and on mobile (React Native).

I see that when users have good quality internet (above 5Mbps and low latency) everything happens very well.

But when the Internet is less than that, many problems occur. The main and most worrying thing is that some participants don’t see each other.

My use case is in education, so often the teacher doesn’t see the student or vice versa. Even refresh the page often does not reestablish the connection.

Often these same users who have connection problems go to Zoom or Google Meet and the class goes relatively well.

Is there any configuration I can test or something I should study to try to resolve this situation?


I have had similar issues with an application I am working on. Predominantly on mobile