Issue using network quality API

I’m trying to implement network quality in the front-end using React, but I only receive the event upon connecting and no more after that. I have configured the server according to the documentation, and I believe the problem lies on the client-side.

I’m only receiving this log: “Now my network quality level is 0. Before was undefined”, and I don’t receive any more.

I’m using OpenVidu 2.28.0, PRO version.

In my code, I implemented it like this:

mySession.on(‘networkQualityLevelChanged’, event => {
if (event.connection.connectionId === mySession.connection.connectionId) {
console.log("Now my network quality level is " + event.newValue + ". Before was " + event.oldValue);
} else {
console.log("Network quality level of connection " + event.connection.connectionId
+ " is " + event.newValue + ". Previous one was " + event.oldValue);

Hi @Lucas_Silva ,

Do you have the same behaviour?

I particulary assign this issue for improving it and fix if something is wrong, and it will be included in the following release. I hope you’re doing well.

Could you please confirm if you’ve had the chance to test the latest version v2.29.0? If so, I’d appreciate it if you could let me know if you’re experiencing the same behavior as before.

I’ve specifically assigned this issue to address any issues and make improvements. If there are any issues, I’ll ensure they’re fixed and included in the upcoming release.

Looking forward to your feedback.

I also tried on version 2.29.0, but the problem persisted.

@CSantosM Did you manage to find the problem?


We are working on it. It will be fixed in the upcoming release.

Thank you

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