"networkQualityLevelChanged" is never triggered

Our OpenVidu app has a network quality level indicator and it was working with version 2.20.
Now after upgrading to 2.23, the event “networkQualityLevelChanged” doesn’t seem to be fired anymore.

I have checked that “OPENVIDU_PRO_NETWORK_QUALITY=true” is set in my .env file and even a simple test like this one doesn’t work:

session.on('networkQualityLevelChanged', event => { console.log('event fired'); });

I also tried disabling the prod mode so I can see all events that are firing, but this also doesn’t give me any “networkQualityLevelChanged” events.

Is this a bug? I’ve checked all tutorial apps, but none of them actually uses this feature.

This still seems to be broken - can anyone please confirm?

Network Quality is working fine. Nothing changed between 2.20 and 2.23 regarding Network Quality API. Did you modified your deployment environment in any way?

Deployment hasn’t changed except for switching to the newer version of openvidu-browser. We have also updated to 2.25 in the meantime and we still don’t receive any events regarding network quality.
Maybe it’s something that has to be set in the server config, but we’ve followed the setup guide step by step and it’s still not firing those events :confused: Any idea on how to debug this?

@pabloFuente Hi, I finally managed to dig deeper into this issue and it seems like network quality reporting was accidentally removed.

I downloaded the openvidu-server code from GitHub and couldn’t find any code containing the word ‘quality’, so I went back to older commits until I found the code.

As it seems, two commits are responsible for this:

  • Commit 7a26b25f12b8b5a29d0f70704b9e36b69b26ef15, “ConnectionPropertyChanged event” on 2020-10-22 20:42:54 - this commit removed the contents of the event handlers
  • Commit 880d5ced540be1dac5460d2cacaf054682394948, “openvidu-server: clean SessionEventsHandler of empty handlers” on 2021-04-19 14:31:36 - this commit removed the empty event handlers

Would you please re-investigate this issue and fix it?
Thank you!


Network quality has not been removed and is working fine. Make sure that you are using an OpenVidu Pro or OpenVidu Enterprise deployment, and that you are using Kurento as media server (Network Quaility is not available when using mediasoup).

Make sure to enable network quality in your .env file as explained here: Network quality - OpenVidu Docs

And also take into account the info banner there: network quality events will only be triggered for participants that are publishing a stream. Participants only receiving remote streams won’t generate network quality events.

Hi @pabloFuente ,
thanks for your reply. Seems like mediasoup is the issue then.
Are there plans to support network quality indicators with mediasoup? If not, we can remove the implementation from our code.