Network quality API does not work

Hey, we are using Openvidu PRO and we want to get networkQualityLevelChanged event. I added those 2 envs to my openvidu config in my master node, and my client has listener similar to the one in documentation (no ifs or whatever, just listening for event and doing simple console.log). However, my client does not get this event. I was also looking into openvidu logs and didn’t see these events. Maybe someone has any thoughts on what could go wrong? Any ideas would come in hand :grin:

Make sure to enable it in your configuration file: Network quality - OpenVidu Docs

Yeah, I added these 2 envs in my configuration file (I went to the console and then nano .env). So I added configs like others.

What kind of platform is the client side? Are they regular browsers?
What version of OpenVidu are you using?
Also, can you send us the output of OpenVidu Server Pro start up? You can paste it here carefully hiding any personal details of the log, or you can send it to us at