Openvidu Enterprise Recording Issue

We got a recoding issue in AWS. And the error logs was shown as below. - File located at successfully deleted
Exception in thread "Thread-13" io.openvidu.client.OpenViduException: There was an error generating the metadata report file for the recording: /opt/openvidu/recordings/SessionA/ (No such file or directory). Code: 702
        at io.openvidu.server.recording.service.ComposedRecordingService.updateRecordingAttributes(
        at io.openvidu.server.recording.service.ComposedRecordingService.lambda$downloadComposedRecording$2(

It seems that we didn’t create directory(/opt/openvidu/recordings) correctly. But, in actually, the directory was exist as following.

/opt/openvidu# ls
beats  certificates  custom-layout        docker-compose.override.yml  elasticsearch  kurento-logs  owncert
cdr    cluster       custom-nginx-vhosts  docker-compose.yml           kms-crashes    openvidu      recordings 

Besides, our config setting was shown as below.

# Whether to enable recording module or not

# Use recording module with debug mode.

# Openvidu Folder Record used for save the openvidu recording videos. Change it
# with the folder you want to use from your host.

# System path where OpenVidu Server should look for custom recording layouts

# if true any client can connect to
# https://OPENVIDU_SERVER_IP:OPENVIDU_PORT/recordings/any_session_file.mp4
# and access any recorded video file. If false this path will be secured with
# OPENVIDU_SECRET param just as OpenVidu Server dashboard at
# Values: true | false



Thank you for reporting. Are you using COMPOSED recording? There may be some issues with COMPOSED recording in OpenVidu Enterprise. In Beta limitations documentation it states it is INDIVIDUAL recording the only recording mode not supported, but COMPOSED recording may still have some problems to be solved.
Please, consider COMPOSED recording to be actually broken while OpenVidu Enterprise is in beta. We are working on it right now.

Best regards.