OpenVidu 2.12 published!

In behalf of the OpenVidu team, I’m pleased to announce OpenVidu 2.12 version.

It has been a long time from the last release but we are here again:

OpenVidu CE new features:

  • IP cameras support
  • Send signals from your backend
  • Record your webapp with COMPOSITE layout
  • New CDR/Webhook event filterEventDispatched
  • New data in CDR/Webhook event participantJoined and participantLeft
  • Automatic reconnection when connection is lost
  • Switch from camera to screenshare instantly
  • Change publisherSpeakingEvents configuration on the fly in your clients
  • All the goodnes from Kurento 6.12.0 and 6.13.0 releases

OpenVidu PRO new features:

  • New payment method
  • Simplified pricing
  • Dynamic scalability
  • OpenVidu Inspector big upgrade
  • Detailed session monitoring improved

And some important bug fixes:

  • Media freeze bug
  • Race condition in session management
  • Race condition in COMPOSED recording
  • openvidu.recording.public-access property was not honored
  • LocalRecorder.record() was broken in Firefox
  • OpenVidu.getUserMedia() was broken with screen share.

Please find more information in the announcement post.


Thanks for such great version!