Thanks for the smoothness

I’ve been an OpenVidu user for about three years now. Most of my projects (live, healthtech) are on version 2.22.0

Plain and simple video conferencing…

New requirement popped up. Recording!

So today I deployed two new on-premise servers (master and a node). Signed up for a new OpenVidu account. Installed OpenVidu PRO edition on the servers. Developed a client ↔ server ↔ openvidu recording feature where we can start recording, stop recording and list recordings via the the OpenVidu REST APIs, all in about 5 hours. No issues at all (besides me forgetting to open a port).

Thank you for the superb installation procedure and documentation - extremely happy with the ease and time effectiveness of your platform.


It’s fantastic to hear about your positive experience with OpenVidu over the past three years.
Thank you for your words and for being part of the OpenVidu community. :smiley: