Openvidu 2.16 video recording

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This is Abhishek & I want to know how to take video record of openvidu 2.16 . Could you please help me on this.

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You can find all recording information here: OpenVidu Docs

We also have recording tutorials for testing proposes:
Java: OpenVidu Docs
Node: OpenVidu Docs


I already tried to implement through openvidu document but I am not success. Could you please help me how to create a paid account for support openvidu. It is very helpful for me.


You only have to create an OpenVidu account thought the website : OpenVidu Account

After that, it will generate an unique ID that you will be able to see in your account dashboard and it will be necessary for start our commercial module OpenVidu Pro.

If you need priority support you can hire our commercial support services.

Please write an email to

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