New beta recording container for COMPOSED recording

Hello, OpenVidu community!

We have been working this past few days in improving the COMPOSED recording behavior. We have built a brand new Docker image (as COMPOSED recording uses a Docker container to record the session) and we would like anyone using COMPOSED recording to try it. Especially to rule out any possible regression or incompatibilities.

To try the new beta version of the recording container it is just as easy as adding to the OpenVidu .env configuration file (in OpenVidu installation path, by default /opt/openvidu) the following property (it does not exist by default, it must be added as a new line):


And then restarting the service (careful, this will destroy any ongoing session): ./openvidu restart
openvidu-server log will show how the new recording container is downloaded on startup. After that, any COMPOSED recording will use this new image.

Any useful feedback you have when using this new beta container will be very much appreciated.

Thank you for your support!


I’ll check it out.

How has it been improved? Is there a new openvidu-browser.js file that we should be using for the custom layouts?

Ubuntu version of the container has been updated to 20.04 and chrome binary has been also updated to latest version. And some small tweaks.

No, you don’t have to change openvidu-browser.js with this beta. In any case, you should update it in every release to be sure new features are included.