Outcome of Composed Recording feature is blank screen

I developed a recording application using Node.js framework. I recorded sessions in two modes

  1. Individual
    Using individual mode everything is working fine i am able to get recorded video and also the audio content.
    But when i record the video in Composed mode i am getting a blank video screen where the complete recorded content is black screen .
    I tried two trouble shooting techniques mentioned in documentation
    1.disabling the firewall and
    2.providing the private ip address with attribute openvidu composed recording url when i run the docker file but nothing worked.

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Hello @Rishik_Karnakanti, I need a bit of more information:

  1. What edition and version of OpenVidu are you using?
  2. Did you installed following official deployment instructions?
  3. How is your configuration at /opt/openvidu/.env

There are two possible scenarios if you want to research on your side what may be happening:

  1. Low resources in your machine: How many cores and memory do you have in your deployment? (Composed recordings needs more resources than individual ones).
  2. ICE connectivity not working in the container running the recording. Can you run this container in the machine of your OpenVidu deployment and share with me the output of it?:
docker run --rm --shm-size 2g -e OV_URL=<YOUR_OPENVIDU_DOMAIN_NAME> -e OV_SECRET=<OPENVIDU_SECRET> openvidu/openvidu-health-checker

By running this command in your server, the output will print the ICE candidates generated in your server while running a COMPOSED recording (which should be the same candidates generated by a COMPOSED recording, so if some candidates are wrong in your server, they will be printed).