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We are doing composed recording.

We have observed that , when we are recording the session we are getting record greater than the duration time what we have recorded and the remaining time we are getting blank.

Example : starting recording at 00:00 min to 01:30 min and completed session after 2 min than we are getting entire recording duration total 3:30 min but when we play only 1:30 min video recording we can able to watch what we have recorded and but remaining duration as blank that we had not even recorded but captured and showing as blank

Krishna Prasad BH.

You can customize the recording timeout in seconds in the openvidu .env file, it is 120 seconds i.e 2 minutes by default.

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Can you please explain briefly.? what will be the end result if I change in my scenario?

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Krishna Prasad BH.

If you mention t seconds in .env file , your recording will stop after t seconds when everyone leaves the meeting room. so basically in those last t seconds, no one is in the room so video comes black and silent.
this is the entry in .env file of openvidu
for eg. I have provided 15 seconds here

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Thank you so much…Hope this will helps in resolve my issue


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What I observed is like in Openvidu .env file.

I hope that you are talking to the exact same thing. I think that this issue for automatic recording.

But we using Manual recording in our application that end user can start and stop with the button.

# Timeout in seconds for recordings to automatically stop (and the session involved to be closed)
# when conditions are met: a session recording is started but no user is publishing to it or a session
# is being recorded and last user disconnects. If a user publishes within the timeout in either case,
# the automatic stop of the recording is cancelled
# 0 means no timeout

correct me if am wrong somewhere in identification.

Krishna Prasad BH.

Hey without proper checking logs its hard to guess