Maximum Users in WEBINAR


We have to develop a webinar application with a maximum of three presenters.

in this case, we have 3 publishers and the big question is how many subscribers I can have in one session?
CPU = 16core
RAM = 32G

if any additional info is required please tell me.



For 1 Media Node this is the reference example: Scalability - OpenVidu Docs

If you have 3 Publisher sessions, then you must simply multiply by 3 the number of expected subscribers, and that will be the total number of streams in every session. Following the example, you can expect around 1200 streams per 16-core server. That is using Kurento as media server (OpenVidu CE, OpenVidu PRO). With mediasoup (OpenVidu ENTERPRISE, currently in beta and expected to be released very soon) you can expect up to 6 times that number (Home - OpenVidu Docs).

Of course bandwidth can be a bottle neck, that must always be taken into account.