Maximum sessions calculation


The Pricing page provides number of streams per core, based on media node type. May I do some math:

  1. session of 7 to 7 (7 publishers, all sending and receiving videos): would be 42 (7*6) streams per sessions.
  2. Intel machine with 56 cores, 125 GB ram.


  • Kurento as media node: total of 5600 (56*100) streams, so 133 (5600 / 42) sessions.
  • Mediasoup as media node: total of 28000 (56*500) streams, so 666 (28000 / 42) sessions.

These all seem astronomical and not realistic. Shall I be informed what I got wrong?

The pricing structure doesn’t function in the way you’ve described.

Contrary to your assumption, it’s not about the number of streams per core. Instead, it’s focused on the number of cores per minute indepently of the use.

The cost is firmly determined based on the number of cores your machine possesses, rather than the number of streams.