What is the maximum number of users?

If you look at the link above, the maximum number of users is 1092, and the number of rooms is only 26?

If computer has 32 cores and 64GB of RAM, how many people can you increase?

That is an example for 7-to-7 sessiones (sessions with 7 participants, all sending and receiving video).
Check out the Pricing section with more examples. The tables include the total number of 5-to-5 sessions and the number of total streams supported, both for OpenVidu Pro and OpenVidu Enterprise (with mediasoup).

Is the OpenVidu CE version not applicable in the price section above?

Regarding the number of sessions and streams, you can use the same column as OpenVidu Pro (which uses Kurento as media server, the same as OpenVidu CE). In OpenVidu CE you can have only a single Media Node, but the ratio number_of_cores/supported_streams should be similar.

‘The ratio number_of_cores/supported_streams should be similar.’ Does this mean that the number of CPU cores and the number of users should be the same?
ex) 100 users = CPU 100 cores

Of course not! That would be completely unsustainable. Rather than “users” you should manage the concept of “video streams”. Because the number of users is not directly related to the number of streams, that depends on the topology of your sessions. For example, for 1:1 sessions in which both users send and receive a single stream, you will have 4 streams per session. For 3:3 sessions, it would be 9 streams. But you could also have 1:N sessions (1 user is a presenter, and the rest are subscribers). In that case you would have (1 + N) streams.

The Pricing page provides examples of different clusters, and the approximated number of supported streams for each cluster. You can make your own calculations based on those examples.


I can not understand. Sorry.
For example, in the CE version, if 50 users are connected in one room,
Will the number of streams be 100?

Also, if 50 people are connected in 10 rooms, how many streams will it be?

Stream means one person’s video screen?