How would I get openvidu to scale to larger meeting sizes


We are using openvidu CE in our meeting platform. Our media server is running on an ec2 c5.2xlarge instance. How many users can we have in a single session (all broadcasting audio and video ). We are looking to be able to support 50 users. Obviously there are client side constraints as to how many streams we can render which we will manage but would still expect the server to handle that many streams. Is this doable using openvidu ? Would the instance size be prohibitive ?


Hello @jai-zync,

In our internal tests, in OpenVidu CE you can have sessions with up to 20-25 users at the same time. But it depends a lot on resolution, etc. Also, as you said, client has its own limitations.

We are working on allow grather sessions in OpenVidu commercial edition with several strategies:

  • Using a more efficiente media server, allowing more streams per core.
  • Allowing to split a session between several media servers.
  • Notifying to clients who is speaking, so they can show only who is speacking or the last 4/5 speackers.

We plan to release those features for OpenVidu commercial edition in the following months.

Best regards

Thanks. Is the pro edition any better for scaling individual meetings ? I understand that the pro edition is able to loadbalance across multiple media servers, but does it offer any improvements in scaling a single session ?