Is there a way to change ovSettings dynamically in Angular after the session and stream has been created?


We have been successful to customize the solution to add Mute All (except the presenter) and UnMute (except the presenter) controls to the presenter.

We are also able to allow the participant to join with default Audio/Video as off and without the Audio and Video buttons.

What we need now is when the Presenter clicks on UnMute All, the participant is able to see his Audio button which requires to change the OvSettings and apply the same to the participant’s session.

Is this possibe?

Also, is this possible to add controls on individual participant videos using which the presenter is able to Mute/Unmute audio and Mute/Unmute Video of a individual user.


Hello @dsingla,

I don’t know if you are using the OpenVidu WebComponent or the OpenVidu Angular Component directly, but remember that you can modify the OpenVidu Call source code directly to meet your needs.

I mean, instead of changing OvSettings object, you can modify the code and add methods to enable/disable the features you want.

Best regards

Thanks [micael.gallego] for your prompt reply!! I am currently using OpenVidu Angular Component directly, in which, I understand there are certain limitations with respect to the customizations which can be done. Have not yet explored openvidu-call yet, but I think will have to do that now.

Will reach out again incase of any issues!!

Thanks again!!