Hello, I am using opnevidu-library-angular and I want to add a functionality in my application where we can get video and audio streaming from any browser but the browser will not show video player.

Like for e.g →

<opv-session #ovSessionComponent [sessionName]="mySessionId" [user]="myUserName" [tokens]="tokens"
    (sessionCreated)="handlerSessionCreatedEvent($event)" (participantCreated)="handlerPublisherCreatedEvent($event)" (error)="handlerErrorEvent($event)">

Now If I remove this part from html page then video player don’t show as well as the video streaming also does not happen from that client. I want we can get video and audio of that client but the client should not see the video player.

FYI I am working on a proctor system which will be used in taking online exams. So the candidates screen should not show video players but the proctor should get video from that candidate’s camera.

I would be great if someone helps me.