Intermittently ice connection fail on mobile application

I recently installed openvidu pro as cloud formation on aws.
Ice connection between our web application and our android and ios app keeps failing intermittently.

It doesn’t happen between web application and web application.
openvidu pro coturn port is opend and other port is corrently opend according to openvidu deployement guide.

I checked the logs on the coturn server, but there are no logs related to this issue.

Is there a way to collect data for ice stat into Elasticsearch? Or can I take a closer look at coturn’s log?

Also Can I get a sample application for android and ios?

Is this related with: Intermittently ice connection fail ?

Are you talking about native apps? We will fix some missing ICE servers configuration in Android/ios tutorials for the newer 2.23.0 in Android and iOS. But you can already take a look in our master branch if you wish.

The related issue is correct.

This is an issue with my native (android/ios) app.

Is the updated master branch the openvidu tutorial repository?

Yes, openvidu-tutorials: GitHub - OpenVidu/openvidu-tutorials: OpenVidu tutorials to get started

Hi John,

did you solve your problem? It seems we have a similar problem with our android app - after the update from 2.20 to 2.21.

Originally I thought it is a COTURN problem. But now I am nearly sure it is not. But I found now significant differences between the current (working!) android tutorial demo and my android app (working if I use OpenVidu 2.20).