Stream freeze issue

Hi openvidu team,

we are deploying openvidu-CE on aws on-premise. These are the configurations below.

  1. We have deployed openvidu-coturn ( with base image of coturn 4.6.2) on one EC2 ( so that port 443 doesn’t clash with openvidu-proxy ) followed below article:
    [Allow users behind firewalls - OpenVidu Docs]
  2. Deployed openvidu-server along with kurento-media-server( base image version 7.0.1) on different EC2.

Earlier we were facing issue while connecting to coturn (stream of remote user was not visible ) with openvidu-coturn auth machenism (–lt-cred-mech) but now we have changed it too no-auth

Currently we are able to get into a call but after some time we are facing stream freeze at client side(remote user) issue with the warnings:

IceConnectionState of RTCPeerConnection 754ee1e5-fe79-4eb8-b07a-a34c0e0fa5dd (publisher of con_MhlwwFcqBz) change to "disconnected". Possible network disconnection
cmain.b0add6cc766d82c33d13.js:1 Stream str_CAM_P1uq_con_MhlwwFcqBz disconnected!
main.b0add6cc766d82c33d13.js:1 Stream str_CAM_P1uq_con_MhlwwFcqBz disconnected!

we are able to connect to kms from coturn server as well

can you help out us with this issue? whats can cause this.