How to enable "Show controls" by default

I want to enable “Show controls” by default. It can be enabled/disabled by user on right clicking on video/screen. But I want to keep it enabled at very start of session. For this, I need to modify the video element and put controls tag. I can do it by jquery but can I do while subscribing to the video ?

Read this document HTML video Tag

and for controls read this HTML video controls Attribute

openviud-browser provides a simple event that is triggered every time a new video (for a Publisher or a Subscriber) is added to the DOM by the library: videoElementCreated. That event will give you access to the newly added HTMLVideoElement so you customize it as you want.

Of course, you can let openvidu-browser manage the video players automatically, or you can use your own video players. I recommend to read this section of the documentation: Manage video players - OpenVidu Docs