How should I identify if I use mediasoup or Kurento

I deployed OpenVidu Pro (by this tutorial AWS - OpenVidu Docs) to AWS Cloud. After that, I changed .env variable to OPENVIDU_EDITION=enterprise in Master Node instance and saved that file. After that - I restarted Master Node (also I checked inside the container - env is really changed). But as I see Media Nodes’ URIs is still like this: ws:// So, I guess it’s still using kurento instead of mediasoup? How can I identify it properly? And if it’s still using kurento - how can I change it to mediasoup? Thank you for your answers

Hi, I’ve answered to this here: Using a mediasoup media node - #2 by cruizba

In version 2.21.0 it will be possible to see in the inspector page:

Also there will be a parameter mediaServer using OpenVidu Rest API: REST API - OpenVidu Docs

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Thanks! That’s all I needed