Download path for spesific folder

For the local recorder; I want to download records to a specific folder in my computer but I couldn’t find how to do it.
this.localRecorder.stop().then(res => {
There is a piece of code of my project. What is the write path to do it?

This is the directory in all the environments: /opt/openvidu/recordings.

Thank you for your response, I got this error → POST http://localhost:4200/opt/openvidu/recordings 404 (Not Found)

No :sweat_smile:, I was talking about the file directory path in the machine where OpenVidu is deployed.

If you want to list recordings you will need to do this request: <OPENVIDU_URL>/openvidu/api/recordings/.

Then you’ll receive a list of recordings with this format: OpenVidu Docs

Iterate through all url attributes and download the recording for each one.

But the thing that I want to do is instant local record and uploading this record to specific folder on my computer. How can I do this routing?

Take a look to LocalRecorder:

You can record a stream in the browser and then upload it to any webserver.