Websocket connection to 'wss://' failed error in connection estalishment

We have deployed open vidu server on AWS with self assigned certificate.

I am using angular tutorial for development mode.

I have replace the server url with my server url and secret.

Session api is getting called and then I get token also but after that I am getting Websocket connection to ‘wss://’ failed error in connection estalishment error

Please helpful

Using self signed certificate is not recommended.

Every user have to open and accept the INSECURE certificate. Then they can use OpenVidu platform.

Hi Micael,

Every user accepts the insecure certificate, but still the same error appears. Is it something to do with configuration.
In my configuration , all are configured with internal ip. When hosted in public , the ip is different. Will this cause the websocket connection failed

You need to configure it using Public IP, and your users should access OpenVidu using that public IP.

From what you are saying, I can deduct that your users are accessing the deployment via private IP, but the public IP is reaching to the browser. You’re users will need to accept the certificate for the Public IP too for this to work.