WebRtc media player based on Openvidu

We are using openvidu for live streaming and recording of media. Recordings are getting stored in webm format. We have a requirement where the user plays recordings on the iPhone safari browser. iPhone directly does not support “webm” extension. Previously we were using player supported by KMS to play medias on the iPhone device.We were following java player tutorial. We are migrating application on openvidu. is there any webRTC palyer supported by Openvidu similar like KMS media player through which we can play “webm” files on the safari browser?

you can convert webm formate to mp4 or media which is mostly supported in your device’s browser

Thank you for your reply. @vipin_mishra
We can convert to webm format but, due to our policy statement we are not be able to change format to mp4. is there any player like WebRTC java player through which we can play webm files on iPhone? Any alternatives to webm files on iPhone?

It seems Safari is able to play webm files right now: