Video quality regression

For some months we have noticed a regression in the video quality, we use OV 2.20 and in the videos we notice a kind of squared grid as in the attached file (720p resolution). Can you help us?

What OpenVidu Edition do you have deployed? CE/PRO/ENTERPRISE ?
How did you deploy?

There is no attached file in the message.


We deployed OV CE 2.20 on premises with docker.

You “think” that there is a regression there, but with an image we can say barely anything.

This kind of problems could be related with the network itself (your internal network and bandwidth) and not OpenVidu.

What make you think is an OpenVidu problem?

We have tested the connection with different network and bandwidth and the problem persists. We want to know if there have been any changes in Openvidu lately that could cause these problems. Thanks for your availability, best wishes.

If you test right now a prior version of OpenVidu, the regression is noticeable? What version was the one without the video quality regression?

EDIT: We did not change anything related with video quality AFAIK.