Speaker Switching in IOS

Hi all ,
We are using OpenVidu React Native plugin 2.18.0. The default audio output in IOS is through the earpiece and we need to have a mechanism to switch it to speakers.
Has anyone implemented custom switching using external libraries? (If so which react, react native , node and npm versions was used) .

Thanks in advance

Take a look to this GitHub issue:


This is included in our React Native tutorial for a long time ago openvidu-tutorials/App.js at 35c0bf9eb64b8b9d88fd820d4f4e9a0e1f7ec02e · OpenVidu/openvidu-tutorials · GitHub

@CSantosM is there a solution for this issue in Angular version of Openvidu ?

Im facing the same issue where on mobile devices the frontSpeaker is used by default instead of loudSpeaker