Speech detection in iOS/Android

I am trying to implement speech detection on iOS and Android. I am listening to the following events -
but nothing happens. Can somebody inform me if I am missing something? or how should i go about it? thanks

If you are using native Android or iOS, I have to tell you that the publishers speaking events are not available at the moment.

@CSantosM Any possible workaround then?

You could get the audio levels from the stats RTCRtpReceiver.getSynchronizationSources() - Web APIs | MDN

Here is a video where explain how to handle this. Checking audio levels - WebRTC Courses

This is in our roadmap but it is not available at the moment so you can try it and let us know if it works.

It’s for the web. There seems to be no alternative to RTCRtpReceiver.getSynchronizationSources() on Android and iOS

By the way, By the way, how soon you guys are planning to add this feature in the android and ios code samples.

It is my understanding that version 2.21 would include server-side speech detection in OpenVidu Enterprise and that this could be accessed from a react-native app.

We plan to add it in 2.22 or 2.23 in OpenVidu Enterprise (as it requires mediasoup).