Sending Real-time Video with Raspberry Pi and Gstreamer


I want to send real-time video from Raspberry Pi using Gstreamer to an OpenVidu server. I have several questions regarding the development aspect.

  1. Is there a server that can receive and process Gstreamer video in real-time? Which example should I refer to?
  2. If Gstreamer doesn’t work, is there another method?
  3. Initially, I plan to open the session with fixed values suitable for Raspberry Pi, to make it easier for clients to join later. Is this possible to implement?

Some help or some hints would be very appreciated !

Hello @isakggong !

To ingest an external video feed into OpenVidu you need to use a RTSP feed.

I would recommend you to use a middle RTSP server like MediaMTX / rtsp-simple-server.

Push your video from the RPi to the RTSP server and then connect OpenVidu on the same path to ingest the stream into your session.


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