Recording file transfer after recording is finished

Hi I am building a video conference app using Openvidu CE and I want to transfer the recording file to storage server(MinIO) when recording is finished.

My first attempt was to get the url of the file in my application server using Webhook (recordingStatusChanged) when the Recording is in ready status.
But the problem was that the process would be like: webhook event received → HTTP get to Openvidu to get recording url → get input stream using URL → upload to MinIO → delete file in Openvidu server.

In my opinion, there are a lot of unnecessary connection to each server, so I would like to minimize that if possible. I have looked into Openvidu-server codes a little and found RecordingUploader interface which seems like a right place for me to upload the recording file after it is finished and ready to get sent. Is that the right place for me to implement what I want to do?

Or if there are better suggestions, please help me out with them too.

Thank you!

S3 uploading is available in OpenVidu PRO/ENTERPRISE.

But your approach it’s ok if you want to use OpenVidu CE.

Thanks for your reply Carlos.